Sometimes people name pets after CV users. This is a list of those pets.

Please post all pets you find in alphabetical order, telling who made the pet and the pet's name. :) Use the already uploaded images on the wiki (image list here!) to show the colors the pet turned into instead of uploading new images, please.

Pet List!Edit


Foggy morning GryphonCalibCat by TsukiKitsune

Dream Flower QilinCaptainess by blackwolf


Beach UnicornPut a pet here!

Beach UnicornPut a pet here!


Deep Ice Dragon Firestar by LadyWizard

Sunrise pegasus Flutterlicious by Flutterlicious


Tenacity KitsuneKeenFootie (Keenfoot) by ChaosWolf

White Hot DragonKeenfoot by Corindia


Arctic gryphon 1Raikeilia by TsukiKitsune

Beach UnicornPut a pet here!


Verdant QilinTerraLobo by riffraffie

Tenacity KitsuneTsukikitsunie (TsukiKitsune) by ChaosWolf

Komonryu Dragon Kristen (Kristen_TTG) by Corindia

Beach UnicornPut a pet here!

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